Just out of curiosity, how many of you fly with your corgis? I have never flown with a pet, and I would love some insight into the process. Is it expensive? Do you do it because you want your corgi to be with you, or out of necessity? Do you recommend it? Do you have a favorite airline when traveling with your companion? My husband and I fly to other states to visit family at least once a year. I've always thought it would be nice to take at least one of our dogs with us sometime.



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Hi Heather,


This is one of my corgi's flying experience. 


I fly with my corgis when I'm traveling alone and light, I drive when I need to travel with my crew / equipment.


Depending on where you're traveling, it can cost more than a human ticket (if you're flying 2 like i did) If it's within the US, $50 - $75 each way. (Hotel pet fees are $25 + per night in some cases)


Each airline have different policy on pet travel and they change with time and season. Most airline who fly in or out of the southern states have a summer embargo, they will fly your dog early in the morning or red eye.


Some airlines will allow you to take your pet in cabin (most adult corgis don't qualify). You must keep the dog in the sherpa bag at all times and you are not allowed to open the bag. Anaphylaxis in the air is not fun.


My favorite airlines are Air Canada, Jet Blue and Virgin.



I only flew with my corgi once, last summer. He was only 5mos old then so could still fit in a sherpa bag. We flew on Frontier & they have an allowable pet carry-on size dependant on the aircraft model. It was $75 each way. You need a certificate of health from your vet before you fly. That costs $$ also. Crating your dog & flying it as cargo costs more & is dependant on the weather (not allowed if too cold or too hot at either airport). I looked on United's website & it was $200 each way!

Anyway, my one experience was flawless. Pup went through security like a champ (helps that I used to work for TSA), flew with out a whimper. Sacramento airport even has a fenced doggy spot right out front so he could stretch his legs & "go" right after we landed.

I know there's a website dedicated to folks who travel with their pets... has helpful hints & lists pet-friendly places. 

I don't really know anything about them, but Pet Airways is a new biz dedicated to flying pets in the cabin (you fly separately).  I happened across this blog, and the corgi in the plane of course caught my eye.  I've only flown once, when Ethel was 9 weeks, so fit under the seat in her Sherpa bag.  We were on Continental and it was smooth as silk, but the more I read about pets flying cargo, the less inclined I am to do it.

Hi Heather,

Basil has flown with me once, when he was approx 6 months old.  We flew Alaska Airlines, it was $100 each way.  I actually used the cost as my deciding factor...his boarding (he loves it, doggie condos, the mgr has a corgi he plays with) is $25 per day/night.  It would have been more expensive to board him for 10 days than to take him with me.  Although I boarded him for my last vacation...Hawaii has stringent regulations that, although I understand, aren't very pet friendly (requires quarantine).  He has to have his health certificates up to date for day care and boarding, so that really wasn't an extra expense.  I did ship an empty crate along with my luggage.  The sherpa carrier was too small for him to sleep in when we got to our destination.  Sam mentioned about the extra pet fees that the hotels charge.  I belong to The Red Lion Hotel frequent traveler "club", which waives the pet fees when I stay.  I know some of the other hotel "clubs" offer the same benefit, it's worth it to join on-line before you go anywhere.  Not all hotels allow pets.  Basil is a country dog, so he isn't used to much noise at night.  It's sometimes challenging to have him in a hotel with doors opening and closing and conversations in the hallway.  We go on a lot of road trips...he loves the car.

Hope this helps,


I took Søren home to see my family when he was five months old. I got a non-stop flight from San Francisco to Dallas on American Airlines and it was completely painless. He was small enough to fit in a Sherpa bag then and so I was able to fly with him in the cabin for $75 each way. He slept the entire time and never made a sound. He was super happy to get out though. A lot of airports have pet areas now too.

Søren has been on a lot of road trips, though. He's great in the car and has always been good in hotels, too. But, I never leave him alone so he doesn't have a chance to be good. :)

I'm flying Eddy to Alaska with me this summer and I can't wait!!  I didn't take him when he was a puppy because he couldn't hold his bladder for the 5-7 hour travel time.  

I brought him back a bandana that had a P.O.'d-looking dog on it and it said, "My master went to Alaska and all I got was this lousy bandana."  I've known people who've flown their dogs (of all sizes) and cats too but I never have before personally.  I've also only heard neutral to positive reports, never bad, which is why I'm confident he should be safe, and hopefully only as uncomfortable as my own seat in coach.

I wonder about cabin pressurization?  And his big ears?  = Big pain? 

haha i live in Alaska, if you are flying into anchorage, there are a few dog parks, one of which is 3 minutes away from the airport, so if a potty break is necessary upon arrival that's a good place to take eddy :) the park is called conners bog, and it has a small lake and a sandy area along the water
Delta's latest mistake with a cat in Cargo
I know things like that are flukes, and you can't predict when something will go wrong, but it's definitely a deterrent. The thought of that poor kitten freezing to death is so sad, and in here in AZ that would have been heat stoke (in the summer time anyway). There is no room for error. I've pretty much decided that I won't be flying with either of my dogs unless it's absolutely necessary. I thought it would be fun to have them with us on vacation, but it's just not worth the risk. Especially when I've always had someone reliable at home who enjoys pet sitting for us while we're away. Thanks for all the information.

no problem, what bothers me the most is how Delta mishandled the situation. Considering what they compensate you if they lose your luggage or bump you off a flight, $50 + air fare for killing your pet is an insult. 


I agree, unless you really need to, flying is not my first preference either.

Has anyone travelled internationally, or on a long haul flight with their Corgi??? I have plans hopefully to eventually move to the UK from Australia. The longest stint of the 2 flights it takes to get there is 14-16 hours, and even though the possibility of me moving isn't for at least another year I am already nervous about Po having to be crated for so long..
G'day Potus, here's the import info  to UK from Australia, instruction and tips from British Airways. If it's too much for you to handle, this company can arrange everything. I've moved from the UK to Australia 20 years ago, but had no experience the other way round :(


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