I've got my SirMacKellen on Royal Canin Medium Adult Dog at 7 months old and he's around 17 or 18 lbs but he's pure muscle and still definitely has a waist line that tappers back from his rips to right before his hips. We run/walk him a bunch and I think that has a lot to do with it. I actually just got on and started searching the forums to see if I was feeding him ENOUGH, but he's getting 2 cups of food a day and the occasional doggy biscuit or pieces of dog food for treats. So I must be feeding him enough he's just very active and I worry about him looking "thin" sometimes. Though in relations to most of the real life Corgi's who look like sausages I guess its not a lot to go off of. Suggestions and comments?

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Sounds fine to me, he's only 7 months, most corgis don't fill up until 2 yr. It is very easy to put on weight, much harder to lose :)
Thank you so much Sam! I just really wanted to check and make sure that i was doing right by him.
Sounds like he just fine with an athletic build. My Ginny is on the sleek/slender side, too.. but you feel her legs and her muscles are Solid! Solid as a rock....woah! Sorry, I will try to refrain from bursting into song henceforth. It really depends so much on their activity level, I think, but I think judging based on what he looks like is the best way to go. They should have a tapered waistline, not a big belly, but you should not be able to see their rib cage. 2 cups is quite a bit of food, really, but since he is still young and growing, and very active, and not fat... sounds like you're on the right track. You may want to readjust as he gets closer to a year old. We only feed just a little over a cup of high quality food per day, but I like to be able to give her treats throughout the day. As working dogs, they need the exercise, so it is great that you can provide that physical and mental stimulation for him.
Ok thank you Ginny! Yah Mac's hips are definitely rock solid! I will probably taiper the amount off a bit as he gets up into the 9 months region. We play with his favorite chuck it toy in the mornings and afternoons and then he gets a long walk 3 days a week. I know how important it is for him to not be bored and I really try hard to keep it that way. He's only ever sort of chewed on a brush in the entire time I've had him. He's a really smart and well behaved boy!
He sounds perfect! No worries...
he sounds like he's just fine. we feed our 7 month old 1.5 cups a day. he's big for his age but he's very lean. he has good hip definition and you can feel his ribs. we also give him small treats here. he gets about 36 calories a day in treats. i'm sure he's getting from his cow ear too, though i'm not sure how many.

i sometimes wonder what is enough and what is too much food.


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