Not only do I have 2 corgis but I also have 3 cats, 2 very quiet ones and 1 who is into everything.  Good thing I love him.

I took a chicken breast out of the freezer, it was in one of those portion sized bags.  I took the chicken out of the bag, put it on a plate and the phone rang.  I dropped the plastic portion bag into the small garbage thing in the sink and walked out of the kitchen to take the call.  I went back into the kitchen maybe 15 minutes later and I find devil the sink with his head all the way inside the plastic bag.  With the juices from the raw chicken when it was put in there now liquid he wouldn't have been able to get it off his head.

I never put stuff like that where the cats can get it not only for their own safety but also that they don't knock something onto the floor where the dogs can get it...already lost 2 sheets cakes that way.  I have had cats in my life continuously for the past 45 years and have never had something like this happen.  So even for a long time critter owner it was such a simple thing to shows just how vigilant we need to all be for the simple things that can become a danger to our beloved animals.

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Always good to be reminded. Thanks for sharing.

WOW, I'm glad you returned quickly.


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