So Charlie has been getting loose stools for about a week now, and we're thinking its her food. Her previous owners (breeders) were giving her Nutro Max Puppy, but I wanted to get her off of it immediately because I've read so many terrible things about Nutro. So since a family member works at Petsmart, we picked her up a bag of Blue Buffalo Lamb and Rice, but she got INCREDIBLY gassy. And it was terrible, foul smelling icky nasty doggy farts! I was told that lamb tends to make dogs gassier than usual, so we switched her to the chicken. But since we started her on the Blue Buffalo her stools got increasingly loose. Right now it has that pudding thing going on, and believe me, I never want to eat chocolate pudding again! So after about a week of this now, I decided to switch her to Wellness Just for Puppy. Someone said the Blue Buffalo may have just been too rich for her stomach to handle, which I guess would make sense, but now I'm worried that Wellness will be too. Any advice?

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Changing food quickly on dogs can make them have diarrhea. Generally you should start by mixing the old food with the new food, adding just a bit more of the new one once and a while til you are feeding them all new food. It will take a bit for her to get used to the new food. If the diarrhea persists though, it could be something else. Definately watch the situation and if it continues I'd call a vet.
Poor puppy!
I did slowly transition her over about 10 days to the Blue Buffalo, but it seemed like the farther along it got, the worse the stools were! That's why I thought it was the food. She was checked by the vet recently and everything came up normal :(
Give her a tablespoon of pumpkin, the plain kind, not the pie filling kind. That will help with the loose stools. Or a small dose of Kaopectate for quicker results.
would it be okay to give her the pumpkin while she's transitioning to a new food?
Yes, it will be just fine. The fiber from the pumpkin is going to help form the shape of the doo doo.


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