I let my brither take my dog on a pretty long hike and when he came back it looked like he had a cut on his pad. He dind't stop likcking if for 2 days and it looked like there was a black spot in it. He hasnt been licking it lately but I also noticed that the black thing from inside the cut is gone. Now hes limping on it pretty noticeably.
Should I take him to the vet? Or will it heal on it's own?

And for his tick problem the black spot is still in him, and its a little bit red around still. Just want to make sure thats normal.

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Take him to the vet. If it's healing and seems to be just as painful if not more and you can actually tell something is inside of his paw pad, take him. I always ask myself if I had this happen to me would I go see a doctor. When in doubt check it out!


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