I think Becca may have another UTI. I had to go in to work for about an hour today and came home to a puddle. After I cleaned it up I took her for a walk. She peed four more times, a sizeable amount then trickles. She will pee to mark, but this didn't have the same behavior pattern. Since then she has gone out two more times and peed both. Becca has been quiet today, but played and practiced agility.

I plan on calling the vet tomorrow. My key question is whether or not this could be caused by my long work days and Becca having to hold it.

The last problem was in May, the end of the school year and long days. No issues over the summer with me working half days. This school year is crazy. I'm working 9 hours often. My dog walker got another job last winter before the problems began. A neighbor offered to let her out a few times tomorrow. I need to find a new dog walker at least for few days a week and work decent hours the others. I may ask the same neighbor who offered to take her out tomorrow. She is a very active 75, but I would worry about the ice this winter. 

The only doggie daycare available is not a place I would take her.

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I called the vet this morning. They were in surgery, so I got a call back at lunch time. I picked up the antibiotics they ordered. Clavamox again. Becca's long wait time could be causing irritation leading to an infection. I am on a major guilt trip.

My neighbor took her out twice today. She insists on taking Becca out for me instead of hiring someone. She won't let me pay her. I think I'll make a donation in her name to the local shelter or something. Any thoughts?
Good that you know the signs and can get working on fixing Becca's problems so quickly. And very nice of your neighbor to help you out. I had similar help when my previous corgi was sick and I couldn't get home during the day. My helpers, also in there 70's, wouldn't let me pay them either so I would take them out to dinner occasionally, or bring them an edible gift like local honey or jams- that sort of thing. I couldn't have done it without them!

As for the UTI, you might look into feeding her cranberry chews once a day. I get them for Jeli because of all the issues she had as a wee pup. I order them from Foster and Smith and they are not overly expensive. Good luck!

I give Rocky a human cranberry pill, available at any big box store, in his food everyday after his bout with crystals in his urine. He just scarfs them down. They are cheap and are the same ones I take. He gets one per day.


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