We just got our Corgi on Thursday. She is 9 weeks old, and cute as a button. I have had dogs before, but haven't had to housebreak one for a really long time. I searched the internet for housebreaking tips, but there are quite a few and often they conflict. Morna has been going out when she wakes up in the morning and about every hour and a half between meals, then one last time before bed.

She has done well today, but yesterday there were some accidents, and I expect that from a little one, but I'm puzzled by why she would go pee and poop almost as soon as we got back in the house. Most of our floors are hardwood or ceramic tile, so that's not a problem; I'd just like to know about how soon I won't have to keep her in her "playpen" between outsides and play time.

Any suggestions from you veterans out there? Thanks

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I am really happy to report that we are 5 days without accidents so far! She is just as smart as she can be and loves all the attention/fuss we make when we praise her for doing potty.

We let her out of her puppy pen today for about an hour and she roamed around the area, and bothered the cats, annoyed the poor old girl (Lab/Chow mix getting old), and generally explored the area. She ran into the office at one point, and my husband went after her to be sure that she didn't get into any trouble. When we brought her in from outside and let her loose in the living room, we forgot to bring her water/food bowl out of her puppy pen which is in the office. She was thirsty and as soon as she drank some she was fine.

She is just so smart. I don't think I've ever met a pup as smart as Morna before. I think I made a great decision in my choice of breeds this time. Our Dalmation was horrible to train! It was months before she got the idea permanently. She was lovable, but the potty training was a nightmare!


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