I don't need an alarm clock because my corgis apparently have some rooster genes.  They make sure I am up by 6:30 EVERY morning.  They start out by doing the "hey-are-you-up-yet" tap dance.  If that doesn't work, they start moving their bowls and nyla bones around (very passive-aggressive little pups!) If that doesn't work, I get the little "wuf."  And if that doesn't work, I finally get the full "WOOF!"  Silly corgis!

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I wish we could sleep until 6:30!  Sonny has decided that 4 is his time to get up - he comes out, plops himself down very loudly and rolls around making some sound that I cannot begin to duplicate,  He then goes to Lucky's Xpen and rattles it just to make sure that Lucky is also awake - not to worry, Lucky doesn't sleep, he has been away all night which is why he is penned.  Ho Hum, I feel like I did when my grown up kids were little!!


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