I don't need an alarm clock because my corgis apparently have some rooster genes.  They make sure I am up by 6:30 EVERY morning.  They start out by doing the "hey-are-you-up-yet" tap dance.  If that doesn't work, they start moving their bowls and nyla bones around (very passive-aggressive little pups!) If that doesn't work, I get the little "wuf."  And if that doesn't work, I finally get the full "WOOF!"  Silly corgis!

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I'm pretty sure most parents wish they had a dog who rousted their kids out of bed on school mornings.  :)
Oh, yes...every morning b/4 I know I'm awake I think I must roll over and then the corgi parade begins. Livvy is 1st, nose to my nose and when I cover my head with my arm she takes her paw and removes my arm so she can again be nose to nose. Livvy has taught Sage to do this so now I have 2. The rest get on the bed and lick or parade around till I get up...

my boy does not wake me up by making noise, he just stares at me, and that wakes me up.  he just sits next to me and stares, looking like he is going to eat me X(


I wish we could sleep until 6:30!  Sonny has decided that 4 is his time to get up - he comes out, plops himself down very loudly and rolls around making some sound that I cannot begin to duplicate,  He then goes to Lucky's Xpen and rattles it just to make sure that Lucky is also awake - not to worry, Lucky doesn't sleep, he has been away all night which is why he is penned.  Ho Hum, I feel like I did when my grown up kids were little!!


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