Ahhh please help!  We've had our corgi for a month now.  So far he hasn't had any issues with eating paper.  I'm not the NEATEST person so I always have stuff lying around.  I was so happy that Ralphie mainly ignored most of these things so far until the last 2 days.  He's been caught eating an index card, kleenex and a postcard (hehe again, not the neatest person).  


I walk him twice a day and give him plenty of attention (if not smother him a bit!).  He is 6.5 months so I get that he is teething and dogs will be dogs. But he has so many delicious bones and stuff to chew plus a few other teething specific toys.


My very neat husband says "just clean up and don't leave stuff lying around"  which yes, I of course would love to do.  But still, is there anything I can do to prevent this?  


Today we took him to the dog park too and he herded/chased/got chased by lots of dogs and was super pooped, but when we got home, I found him chewing on shredded paper.  I said "no!" and took the paper away and gave him one of his chew toys... which he totally didnt care for and ignored. :(

Please, any advice??? I want to break the habit before it becomes a real problem.


Thanks in advance!!!

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Charlie loves chewing on tissue and paper, no matter how tired he is. It seems to be in their genes! He also develops a fetish for different items to chew on about every 2 weeks. Just a few weeks ago I was thinking how lucky I was that he doesn't like to chew furniture, and I came home to a chewed up (some parts shredded) table we put by the front door. I just spray everything I don't want him chewing on with Grannick's bitter apple now. I also keep all tissue boxes out of reach...
Ginger LOVES paper...tissues, papertowels, toilet paper, receipts, coupons...you name it.  I haven't found anything that keeps her from chewing on these except to keep them out of her way, and even then she'll figure out a way to get them.  The other night she kept sticking her head under our bed and coming out with tissues.  After the first 2 I figured she was done, because how many could have snuck under there.  When she came out with a third, I looked and there was a whole box of kleenex...she was pulling them out 1 by 1 and chewing them up.  Silly little dog!

If There is one piece of paper on the floor, Emma will SHRED it.  Not eat, but shred into teeny tiny pieces.  But she only does it when we're not home.  It's literally like a crack addiction to her - she knows it's wrong and she's sorry she did it, but she just can't stop.  She has destroyed a Groupon (which was a gift, so I couldn't reprint it), a shutterfly coupon code and an electricity bill.  I ALWAYS make sure I have any paper OFF the floor before we leave, but the air conditioning comes on and can blow things down to the floor. 


What's funny is I don't even have to know there's anything ripped up when I walk through the door.  I just see Emma run to the hallway and begin to shake.  After slowly coaxing her to come to the "scene of the crime," she just looks at me with the SADDEST face.  I tell her "NO.  WE DO NOT CHEW."  She KNOWS what "chew" means.  I make her maintain eye content the whole time. then I let her say she's sorry (i.e. give a kiss) and then we go on our way.  With that being said... She still does it.  Paper, tissue, cardboard, paper bags.  Oh, socks, too.  I've given up on her trying to stop.  I just figured if it wasn't important enough for me to keep off the floor or not secure well enough, then it's what I get.  :)

I put my puppy (5 months) in a play pin with his chew toy (White Mini Wire Grid w/ connectors from Staples) when i'm not watching him, when i'm in the other room or when he goes to sleep. Dogs get bored easily and will chew anything!! (Most of my wall corners are chewed up so i had to cover them) =(   But play pin works for now. 


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