Our Fox, who is now almost 11 months old.....and very active.... has taken to snacking on our walls when left alone.  He is not left alone very often, and when it does happen, he is left in his room (our laundry room), which is large enough and has a half bath attached to it.  He is left with food and water and chew toys.  Hmmm, does he need a sibling?  Suggestions?

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Your Welcome!!
My dog Twinkie did the same exact thing.

The solution I came up with was pretty simple, I rubbed some cayenne pepper on the corners he was chewing on and needless to say one taste and he hasn't chewed the walls since.

Walking should also help, originally I would take Twinkie on one hour long walk a day but I split it up to two 30 minute walks, one in the morning and one after he eats dinner.

Before I did this I tried making sure there were ample bones and kongs filled with peanut butter but he seemed to prefer the apartment walls!

I think the main thing that leads to chewing is boredom, and when Corgi's don't have their people to follow around they get bored! Trying any of the suggestions in this thread will surely yield good results! Good Luck!


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