Fauna is 1 year old this month, and to celebrate I'd like to try out one of these box services.  Fab.com has a discount on Pawalla boxes ($16 instead of $29 for up to 5 months).  Does anyone get Pawalla boxes?  Do you like them? 

Also, for a 24 lb dog, do you think I should step up to the 25 lb and over size to avoid silly toy-dog sized stuff?  Usually everything I buy her is for medium-sized dogs.

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if they have small, med, large sizes, i would go medium. we got our first barkbox small size, and immediately went up to medium. corgs are small dogs but stuff for small dogs or "toy" breeds doesn't really work for them.

It's just under 25 lbs and over 25 lbs.  I've read through a few reviews people with big dogs posted online, and it seems like the things in there are the type of things I'd buy Fauna at the store. 

yeah, sometimes dog sizing is awkward because corgs kind of live in both spaces? i mean, that's what i love about them, but it can make sizing for items a bit annoying.

yay for fauna, though! 

Just ordered her 3 months.  I'll post some pictures when the box comes in.  I'm pretty excited after reading a lot of reviews online. If you want to try it out, please use this link so I can get more free stuff from Fab for referring you: http://fab.com/awblfs

Another discount code to use for $6.50 off - http://www.curebit.com/x/rbk2p


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