anyone know of other dog breeds that play/live well with corgis?

I wasn't sure where to put this topic, but I am curious. I love dogs, and my boyfriend and will be getting another dog in a couple of years. I am just curious, as it is never to soon to ask, does any one know of other dog breeds that mix well with corgis? I know the breed will have to be active, as maggie is a very active girl! I am not a fan of owning any other small dog breed...and maggie does not really care for other dogs smaller than her (she isn't mean to them, but I think she scares them because she is instantly in play mode whenever she meets any new dog and none of the small dogs we have come into contact with have liked that. lol ). We are hoping to get a midsized much as I would love to have a big ol' farm with lots of dogs, I don't think that is in the future at all. lol But, we will certainly have room for another dog. I would like to adopt this time. But I am just curious, as any canine friend of maggies will have to be able to keep up with her never ending energy and her love to always be with you.l thanks for your ideas!

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 my 2 corgis have an aussie for a playmate also. They all seem pretty willing to try to play with anyone. KC however does not like pugs. They are the 1 breed she instantly gets snarly and mad about.
We have 2 corgis and a sheltie. Our adopted corgi and sheltie get along better than our 2 corgis. I think that is because they are so close in age that they have the same energy level. They both still play like puppies. Charlie is now 7 and joins in every now and then. I think adopting Scoots actually helped Rowdy (the sheltie). Rowdy is a very high energy sheltie is slightly hyper compared to the last sheltie we had. Rowdy and Scoots play really rough and tumble everyday. They are now best friends. Charlie likes to stand close by and supervise and bark.
Zed's favorite playmate is a 70lb white shepherd. He loves his two German Shepherd cousins and they play any time they're together.
If you aren't bent on getting a puppy consider adopting an adult. A puppy may change personality as it gets older, and not get along with your current dog as well as it did.

In general, females don't tend to get along as well as male and females do, so you should probably get a male.
If Maggie is pretty "alpha"-minded, get a more submissive dog, as this will decrease the likelihood of fights.
You said Maggie is active, so try and find a dog that is active too and won't get annoyed with her wanting to play all the time.

Don't get too wrapped in specific breeds, talk to the shelters and rescues to see what dogs they have that might be a good fit, and introduce the dogs to see if they mesh well. .
that is very insightful, thank you! I want to adopt so I will certainly look into that!


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