Has anyone used the Shedmonster? I decided to purchase this instead of the Furminator because I'm a newbie with grooming and I was nervous about huring my girl. This is supposed to work well without the risk to the skin. Just curious if anyone has had luck, or if I wasted my money :) It was also much less expensive, so I thought I would try it first.

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I haven't used the shedmonster, but I do have a furminator knock off.  I just couldn't bring myself to pay the price of the name brand.  It worked very well on my previous corgi, Skipper.  For my new pup Jeli, I put salmon oil in her food once a day, and I swear she doesn't shed a 10th of what Skipper did.  I read about it on this site so I gave it go. Not only does she not shed very much, she hasn't blown her coat like Skipper used to.  She is 13 months now.  I think it would have happened at least once by now.  I live in Florida so its not like she needs a heavy coat.  Even when I give her a bath I don't have another corgi circling the drain. :)  Also, her coat is beautiful and shiny.  Its amazing stuff.  I highly recommend using it!  About the shed monster, sorry I have no experience. 

I don't care for the Furminator at all and neither do my dogs, never heard of the Shedmonster.  Like Susan I give my dogs fish oil...started it because Max gets very dry skin in the winter.  It does help with the shedding..I mean corgis are gonna shed but it's not as bad and when they blow their coats it's nothing like it use to be.

You can get a name brand Furminator on Amazon for very cheap. I haven't used or heard of the Shedmonster. I just give my guys some good treats while they get furminated. =)

I found the "Master Grooming Tool" on amazon. It's substantially more effective than the Furminator I used previously. In less than 20 minutes, the "Tool" can pull out 4 cups of corgi undercoat. (I still have to vacuum all the time, though.)


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