Due to financial strains we recently had to let go of our town house and move into an apartment. This place is really huge, and has a very spacious patio, but no yard. Francis is used to having his own yard, and now is without it. The place we moved to has massive grassy areas and I walk him at least two times a day, so he gets lots of exercise, but he still seems a little gloomy. The apartment is huge, almost 1500 sq feet, and there is a lot of room to run around in here. We live in Fresno, so if it is too hot to walk him, I play fetch with him inside where it's cool, and that usually tuckers him out. He is 4 months old today, and will get his last set of shots this week. I think maybe it is his age, and maybe dogs get stressed out too with moving, but I just want to make sure that I'm doing everything right to make sure he's happy. We put K9 turn out on the patio so he can go potty in between his walks, and he is using the doggy door like a pro. The patio area is huge, and he really seems to like it out there. I walk him in the morning, then crate him for about 4 hours while I'm at work, come home, walk, and then play with him until his nap time. He seems to be adjusting better everyday, but I just want to make sure I'm doing the right thing. It's been very stressful for us with losing our place, but I absolutely refuse to let if affect my dog. If I need to walk him 6 times a day, I'll do it. If I need to make other adjustments, I will. This transition to apartment living should only last a year or so, maybe two. Once I graduate and start working full time, (I'm a nursing student), I'll be able to have the place I want for him. I know that this is a crutial development time for him both physically and mentally so if anyone has any advice, I'd sure appreciate it.

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He's so young, I'm sure he will adjust just fine! Bobby used to have me worried that I wasn't spending enough time with him, ( I spend almost every waking hour with him lmao, he has never been alone for more than two hours between everyone in our family) But looking back I think I had mistaken him being sad when he really was just tired, and wanting some quiet time. Is he changing any behaviors? We had in the past had a similar situation, but our dog was older and he just seemed to become naughty. He chewed things he knew where off limits, he started going potty in the house (he never did that before) and he barked at everything and everyone 24/7! It took him awhile to adjust. But like I said your Francis is young and I'm sure you are just being a good protective puppy parent. Good luck!
We live in an apartment in los angeles and Spencer does GREAT! He is 8 months old and is also crate trained and is crated when we are not home. He gets a 1 hour walk in the morning before we go to work, either my boyfriend or I will come home at lunch and give him a 20-40 min walk, he gets another hour walk when we get home from work and one short walk around the block before bedtime to make sure he's on empty before the night.

Sounds to me like you are doing a fine job, although I'm sure he wouldn't object to some fun 'educational' toys.
Sounds like you're doing just fine! Caleb and I live in a 1100 sq ft apartment with a cat, my roommate, and our respective boyfriends (half of the time), so it's always full at my place. When Caleb stays home while I'm at work, he has the living/dining room to himself. He has toys out the wazoo, but all he does is sleep and look out the window, and occasionally chase the cat. We're on a super strict schedule with our walkies (Twice a day, every day rain or shine for at least half an hour each time) which is enough exercise for him to be a perfect angel when left home alone. Caleb has an outdoor potty area on the patio, but he never uses it, he is content to wait 8 hours until our walkies (but he's 2 so he can hold it). The only thing I can recommend is to make sure you keep up with the walkies no matter what, and I'm sure Francis will adapt in no time.
Corgis are such adaptable dogs and you seem extremely committed to his needs and comforts. He will do great and know how loved he is! Life is all about change for everyone these days...I know that things will work out beautifully.^-^
I don't think apartment living is a bad thing for a dog. Obviously it depends on the situation, but it sounds to me like you are giving Francis a pretty good life. I know that we probably overcompensate for not having a yard for Stanley by taking him out more often and trying to give him different experiences (going to parks, walking to nearby store, restaurants, dog parks, etc). I've known people who have houses with yards that never take their dogs anywhere. They think because the dogs can run around the yard everyday that that is a fulfilling life for them. But I've heard it described as just being a bigger crate to them in a sense. If you have a yard and you never take your dog anywhere, that can be very boring. So I wouldn't worry too much. You are doing everything you can and I'm sure Francis doesn't mind :)
When we got Oliver we lived in a TINY apartment- 240 sq. ft. I stay home most of the day, so it worked out well as far as keeping him entertained, although it did cause some attatchment issues. Since we lived downtown, there was a small patch of grass about the size of my Jeep at the bottom of our stairs, and another small patch across the parking lot. We would take him for walks a couple of times a day, even though he doesn't like to go for walks. A week ago we moved into a 2 story home with a big back and front yard. The whole time we were moving he loved being able to run in and out, playing in boxes, chasing birds and whatnot. However, every night he was still ready to go back to our tiny little apartment because that was home to him. Even though he loves having the yard and the room to run, he still gets excited when we go back over/by the old apartment. I think the adjustment is hard whether you go from big to small or vise versa. Now that Oliver has his commandeered coat of daddy's, he's finally accepting the new house as home, but it's still taking some time to fully adjust.
Everyones advice is great along w/your efforts. Change doesn't come easily to some pets but I'm sure in due time he will be fine and fully adjusted. The biggest thing is quality time w/him. Many animals are with their owners all day but that is quantity not quality, and they are the loneliest dogs around.


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