Gracie just loves to make noises and bark. She is such a mess! I guess I was use to a senior citizen dog that was quiet. I guess it is her puppy way. She also likes to jump on things like a cat. I can't wait to get her into some fun things beside dragging around tissues, dirty laundry and leaves! LOL! This is going to be so much fun!

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Yes I think most Corgis have a lot to say. Mine are both talkers.
Colbert does what we call singing or yodeling, which works well with our singing cattle dog. And I don't mean singing in the usual dog way of howling, these are like little grunts and other noises.

He barks when someone comes into the house, while hopping like a bunny. We call him the welcoming committee.

Then there are the snores, because of his moose lips they are quite comical, especially when he yips in his sleep and sounds like he is auditioning for a "Yellow Submarine" video.
Gracie grunts like a pig also. She snores big time too. It is so hilarious to hear all of the sounds. I think she is amused by the sound of her own voice! LOL! I love the Yellow Submarine video analogy. That is hilarious!


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