Our Corgi Joyful is 12 years old now and she has remained pretty healthy.

But about a week ago, we noticed that she was walking strange on her back legs, and now she is having much trouble going down stairs,

Our house has two flights of stairs and she could normally handle them well, but about 4 months ago she started getting slower, and now she cant at all and we have to try to carry her.

She slips very much on the hardwood floors in our house now as well.

Is this normal for an older corgi?

or is it something I should maybe take her in to get checked for?

Thanks for any info!


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Hi J, you may want to have the Vet and check on her back and hips. Good luck and keep us updated!
There could be many causes for this change in mobility. It would be wise to see your vet and learn what may be the cause. I would also suggest that you start keeping a journal of what you are seeing, if she seems painful, continued loss in function and her overall general health. Do know that diagnostics can be quite expensive. Learning if she is in pain would be my key question.
Wheelcorgis is a wonderful group which I belong to. I recently lost one of my old boys due the effects of Degenerative Myolepathy. This is a painless but degenerative disease long known in German Shepherds and now appearing in Corgis. Sadly the only "true" diagnosis can be achieved at necropsy. Primarily it is diagnosed by ruling out other causes. There certainly are many issues that could cause what you are experiencing.
Make a vet appointment, try to avoid the stairs, perhaps you can find some booties that will help her on the hard floors and join the wheelcorgis group. Good luck!


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