Hi all!
I was hoping someone might recognise the problem I'm experiencing. I have a pembroke of now 9 months old. At around 6 months she started getting scabs on the edges of the ear tips. When they came of, the hair came off too. So she had small hairless spots on both tips. I went to the vet, they didn't know what it was and gave me Vetaderm. I used that for about 2 weeks and the spots went away. Now at 9 months, the scabs came back on her right ear a few days ago. The scabs came off and there's this little black bald spot now. She doesn't seem itchy and her ears look fine besides that one spot.
I am using Vetaderm again but I'm pretty sure it isn't staphylococcus aureus. It doesn't look like that. Any ideas?

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The 2 first pictures are now. The last one from a couple of months ago.

Not sure about your particular situation, but I had dogs with upright ears in Virginia and there are tiny flies (gnats) that will go to bite the ear tips. They go to the tallest part of the body. They draw blood and leave behind tiny black scabs of coagulated blood and dogs will lose fur there. If you have any kind of biting flies, look for a horse product that you can apply to protect the ear tips.

Hmm, there are a lot of tiny flies here now, because of the weather. But the last time she had it, it was cold so no flies. But I'll definitely keep that in mind.

Java is in heat now, it started today. So I was thinking maybe it could be hormones too? I guess last time could've been puberty hormones.



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