In the next day or two I need to give my little pup his first bath. He's getting really dirty playing and running around outside. I asked my vet about it and she gave me a special shampoo that was moisturizing and doesn't have soap in it so it won't dry out his skin. Do corgis usually enjoy water? Does anyone have any good ideas as to how to introduce him to baths? I'm assuming I'm going to have to involve a lot of treats! I just want him to have a positive experience. My first dog is 15 years old and still avoids baths like the plague...I don't want to start a bad pattern with Jasper! Thanks!

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this is what I did. For Nala's first bath, I filled the tub 1/4 with warm water. I put inside some of her toys. I started to play some music, and "dance/play" with her before picking her up. My older dog hates taking baths, so I make Nala stay with me, while Cosmo stayed in the closet (where she hides). So, after 5-10 minutes of playing, I took Nala to the bathroom and started singing to her the "bath time song". I had everything within the reach of my hand (shampoo, towel, cotton balls for the ears, etc.) Once she was in the tub I tried to make her pay attention to the toys by moving them, shaking, kept singing. As soon as I splashed water in her, she gave me the saddest "Why me?"look. She stayed still, I finished her bath, kept singing and praising her, dried her and gave her a cookie. But, for the next hour I received the "you are mean, mom" look.

Anyway, both Cosmo and Nala, do not enjoy getting a bath. I guess my singing voice is a factor, but they have learned about the sound of filing the tub, me putting the towels and shampoo out, the bath time song, etc. They both hide in the closet. I do Nala first, then Cosmo. They give me the "Why me?" look, but after the bath, they feel happy and refreshed and keep playing. I praised them, and play with them. Brush them, furminate, clean ears, put Revolution. They don't like it, but they don't fight it either.

Just play with Jasper, talk softly or sing. Keep yourself calmed and positive, and he will "pick up" the notion that a bath is good. Good luck. Very few dogs, including Corgis, enjoy baths. But, give them a hole full with mud, and it's another story. BTW, if you can, have your camera too. Wet Corgis in a tub are sooooo cute! You will like those pictures.
Thanks for all your advice! Hopefully I can make it as tolerable as possible for him...I'll be sure to get some bath time pics to post on here!
I have to get in the tub with Freya. I also have to use Earthbath--which doesn't have anything that would dry out the skin and no insect repellent but that's mainly cause I'm allergic to repellents.
corgis seem to like the water or at least ein does. every time i give my toddler a bath he tries to jump in with her. when we take him to the dog park he tries to swim in the doggie drinking fountain. i've only given ein a bath myself once when we first got him and he was already 4 months old. the breeder would give him a bath when needed and seemed to have done a great job with his introduction to water. we usually take him to the groomers where they say he's one of the few dogs that enjoys the experience. i would definitely suggest being calm and having all your supplies ready. i agree with DIRR and Nala about filling up the tub with some warm water and toys! good luck and take lots of pics!!
I have always done well by just doing it. Often times we cause the most problems by being nervous and over reacting on our own. When making preparations most dogs learn the routine and know what is to come. I would not start the routine by singing bath time songs or any other verbal "warnings" to your dog. This sets the stage for worry. Dogs are quite intuitive and can sense your emotions/feelings very quickly. Be calm and do your best to make this a pleasurable experience by soothing talk and massage while scrubbing. Make sure not to squirt water in his ears or face which would upset most dogs. Certainly pups will struggle bit for the first bath. Do not struggle back just quietly put them where they need to be to complete the job. I would have everything ready prior to beginning. I would also make sure that your pup can not escape by closing the door to the room that the bath will take place. This has never failed me in the past and all of my dogs are tolerant to being bathed. Also make the drying process a good massage. This is the favorite part for my dogs. Good luck!
Treats. Lots of treats.
Atlas will jump on the tub on his own now whenever I go into the bathroom.


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