we have been feeding our dogs Iams ever since we got them. We went to our local Petsmart one day and were offered to try Blue Buffalo. We know that we need to give them small samples of food before changing it all together. But I don't know if that's the food we want to give them. We are currently using Iams Proactive Health. Does anyone use anything different? And is any one food better than another??? Please let me know.

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i just switched my 4 to Nutro Natural Choice Lite formula today. they were originally on purina one weight management
It's really a personal choice, do your own research and make the best decision from there. Manufacturer changes ingredient and supplier all the time, so you really cannot be brand loyal for life. Here are two articles from the FDA on food labels. Read this and this first. It'll give you a basic knowledge. Good luck! Here's an old discussion.
Yup, this question comes up all the time. A common bit of advice is that you want to avoid feeding any food you can buy at the supermarket. They tend to be overpriced and have fillers.

I saved a post one of our other knowledgeable members made (Aloha):

Some good places to start looking are

A quick list of some foods to consider
Nature's Variety
Nature's Logic
Ziwi Peak
Blue Buffalo
Solid Gold
Natura Products (California Natural, EVO, Innova etc..)
Eagle Pack Holistic
Taste of the Wild

To just name a few

Good luck! I hope you find a great food that your pups like.
The better food may seem more expensive, but since they don't have fillers, you will be feeding less food, so the bag lasts longer. Sidney gets 1/2 cup in the AM and 1/2 cup in the PM with a couple spoonfuls canned food mixed in (PM feeding only)
thank you everyone! the reason i ask is because when we went to petsmart one day, a rep from blue buffalo was there and she pointed out iams has fillers and i got disgusted with what's in the food. But we didn't make a switch because we didn't know what was best
You do want to avoid a lot of fillers or too many grains. The first couple ingredients should be a protien such as chicken, lamb or fish. The list above are all good foods. We fed Finn Blue Buffalo as a young puppy and now that he is 8 months he's eating Wellness. Good luck choosing a food!
I switched Sadie to Blue Buffalo and not only does the love the food, it has done wonders for her coat. It has great ingredients as well as vegetables and such in the food.


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