Hi all, I don't come on this site too often but I did try searching for this topic, and couldn't find anything. I was wondering if anyone bikes with their Corgis? Conan loves to ride along next to us on bikes, but we haven't taken him any longer than around the street because we aren't sure if it's safe or not for Corgis. I know running on pavement for any dog isn't necessarily the best idea, and I wasn't sure if them having long backs and short legs posed any risks. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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Corgis are little and they like to herd moving objects, which makes them suboptimal biking companions, at least on a I-bike-you-run basis. When we do want to bike with our Edison, we strap a milk crate to the back of a bike and then use a caribeaner to lock his harness to it. He is not terribly pleased with this arrangement ("Mommy's moving independently! And I can't herd her! Woe is me!") but it's a great way to transport him to fun, bikeable places.

Speed is not the problem. We've clocked Edison doing a 3 minute mile. They turn into furry springs, like rabbits.
When you say you do the milk crate strategy to transport him to bikeable places, do you tether him to the bike when you get there? Or do you keep the crate situation? Sorry, I'm a bit slow today, haha.

Conan loves to run just for the sake of running, and while he herds just about everything else that moves, he doesn't seem to want to herd us on our bikes. I was thinking about getting a Springer (http://www.springerusa.com). I am a member of a working dog forum and a lot of people there seem to have good things to say. I'm not sure how small a dog can be to use one though.

Mostly I am just concerned about a short legged, long backed dog being hurt by the stress of running on pavement. I know that there can be injuries to the foot pads, but the impact of running on such a hard ground is fairly hard on a dog's joints. But if your Corgi does it, then I think I will try it more with Conan.

We keep him in the crate the whole time we're on bikes. He walks with us when we walk, though. :)
I just Googled that because I've never heard of it. That is so cool! I bet your dogs love it. I know Conan would. Thanks for the advice. We've decided that we might let Conan go on short sprints for a bit, but it's probably best to find other ways for him to get his energy out.
This is from a person who posts on another board - It's rather Rather comical...


I also know someone who modified one of those kid carriers that can be pulled behind a bike for their Corgi.

I am still looking for something for my Harley... It will in all likelyhood it will be a sidecar
That was great!! I bet Bailey loves those rides.
My parents use to have the same thing for their Pug a long time ago - Muggzy loved to ride in his basket.
Haha that is so cute! I bet they love it. Conan might try and jump out, but I bet my 15 year old spaniel would have a blast!




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