My vet discovered Charlie has an enlarged prostate and since we were scheduled for a dental, they took a biopsy while he was under. He is currently on Cephalexin for infection even though he did not test positive for any infection.

I am sitting on pins and needles with worry - the things that I have read about prostate cancer in dogs is extremely grim. A 10 day wait for test results is too long.

Has anyone else had any experience like this? Say a prayer for my Charlie Bear.

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I haven't had any experience with this, but I will most definitely say a prayer for Charlie, Kiwi sends all of her love too. Please let us know how everything turns out.
Cephalexin is a standard drug for treating bacterial prostatitis, sometimes doxycycline and carbenicillin are used as alternatives. It could be just E coli and Klebsiella that caused the enlarged prostate. We'll say a little prayer for Charlie Bear :) 10 days won't be too long.
how scary. you will be in my thoughts.
I took the dogs to GA with me for a month in Dec and Rocky (14 months) got very, very sick on the way down there. We drove. I was at the vet with him 5 times in one month in GA. He had an enlarged prostate, hot, swollen, sore testicles, got dehydrated and needed fluids 4 times, had bloody poop, lost weight, wouldn't eat, wouldn't drink, a high WBC of 39,000+ and ran temps of 103 and 104. They ran blood tests, tick panels, brucellosis tests, lepto tests. Nothing showed up. It was a nightmare. He would get better then as soon as he was done with his meds, he was sick the next day again. The last vet visit in GA was to the emergency vet in Savannah. They gave him fluids and put him on metronidazole and rimadyl (for the sore testicles). He had also been on baytril, sucralfate, and doxycycline before that. They said to take him to an internal med specialist ASAP. We were heading home to Iowa in a couple of days so I called the Iowa State Vet school and got him an appt the Monday after we would get home on Sat. He was just so so on the way home and after we got home and not eating well. On the day of his appt, he had bloody poop again before we left, he vomited in the car, had bloody pool twice while we were waiting and vomited twice. He was running a 105.4 temp when they examined him. Needless to say they kept him. His WBC was 49,000 then. They kept him til Thursday and ran all kinds of blood, stool, urine tests. They flushed his prostate, drew fluids from the swollen lymph nodes along his spine, twice. They grew cultures of all his body fluids, the prostate flush and the lymph nodes and could find nothing wrong. He lost more weight before he came home because he wasn't eating. They were hand feeding him dog food dipped in baby food and he'd lick the baby food off and that was it. He looked terrible by the time he got home but was fairly active. They sent him home with more sucralfate, metronidazole, and famotidine. I cooked chicken and rice for him and he ate very well. He has gained his weight back, looks great, is bouncy and pouncy. We finished all the meds by Jan 16 and he is doing very well. The ISU vet thinks he probably had a prostate infection and all the antibiotics finally got rid of it. He said the prostate flush might have helped clean whatever was in there out even though they found nothing in the fluids gathered from the flush. The first vet in GA thought he might have been stressed from the drive and picked up a virus. At that point, we didn't know about the enlarged prostate. Maybe he had this infection lurking and stress just let it take over. Who knows. He is eating better than he ever has. He cleans up all his food (he's back to his regular Nutri-Source) everyday and he has never done that. I do know, if he ever shows any signs like he had again, it's off to Iowa State for us ASAP.
We will pray for you and for Charlie that his results are good. I know how you feel!

When I took my corgi mix Bruce in for his dental (he's 14 years old) they did a pre-procedure blood panel and discovered limited kidney function. Serious problem! After the dental we were told to put him on a special diet (low protein, low phosphorus) and "give it time" to see if it would help. We just took him back, 5 months later. His function is back to normal, thank goodness. The love and support from the people here at mycorgi helped me get through some long, frustrating days and tearful nights.

I'm hoping it is a simple issue and easy treatment for Charlie.
Well we have great news! No cancer!

I am so relieved. Thank you to everyone that commented and sent positive thoughts and prayers our way. I have had so much bad news in my life with my human family members that I automatically think the worst for my furry family as well.

Charlie will continue to be treated for infection and we will have him checked again in about a month.
Awesome! Thanks for the update! So what kind of infection was he treated for? Make sure you finish the Rx, very important :)
So happy to hear that Charlie does not have cancer, that is awesome news!!!
OH.. Charlie Bear is in our prayers. Please keep us posted.
I am so happy to hear your positive news! Yay Charlie!
Yay!!! Go Charlie!!
Lisa I can understand where your coming from. Our Tiki was just diagnosed with prostate cancer just a few days ago. It just killing us now. We been to our local vet a few times, and a Specialist in St Louis this past Wednesday. We just received the results that it is carcinoma yesterday. We are now taking Tramadol and starting a new drug on Monday, something similar to Deramaxx, but it also has a small bit of chemo drugs in it. I can't remember the name of the new drug because I need to head to Walgreen's to pick it up tomorrow. The Specialist have me a bit confused though, on Wednesday they gave us 6 months or less, and on Friday they said we could have a year. Good part is, Tiki still has his appetite. We switch mainly to soft food since it easier for him to pass. I also started cooking him meals with beef, rice and veggies. Right now he is feeling like a king. I know exactly how your feeling, last week I felt as if someone kicked me in my stomach when Tiki was diagnosed. I'll keep you in my thought and prayers.


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