We just found out that our little girl has "a pile" of stones as the vet put it, which means surgery.  Has anyone been through this with their Corgi?  I'm very worried about everything: the surgery, the stones coming back and what kind of food she needs to be on afterward.  Reading online I am seeing that the vets push Science Diet for a reason and it may not be the best food.  Then I find a slew of people using Orijen and saying how great it is and the next posts from a vet saying not to use it.  If anyone has any feedback on this topic, especially the food, I would appreciate it.

Arwyn was a rescue and came to us last April.  In June she was treated for a bladder infection that took us way too long to figure out that she had.  Maybe the stones are from that.  Or...it's possible she has had chronic problems with this--we don't know her previous health history.




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We just give Rocky pieces of the Royal Canin SO for treats. He's happy with that!

I feed Seanna Royal Cainin SO too for struvite crystals.  It's worked great, and she loves it.


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