Hi, my 10 year old corgi, Maggie, has a small blobby piece of gum near one of her teeth in her upper gums. It's been there awhile but lately I've noticed that it's getting looser (like it could tear off). I've attached a photo below and plan to take her to the vet soon, but was wondering if anyone else ever saw similar blobs on their dogs' gums. Was it serious? It doesn't seem to be, and doesn't seem to be bothering her. I don't think it's a tumor..maybe just some excess skin. By the way her tooth looks bad because it was broken a long time ago - never infected though, so vet doesn't want to pull it unless she has to be under anaesthesia for something else (since she's older). thanks!

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I havent heard of this or seen it before, hoping its nothing!  Keep us posted!!

Thanks for the comments. I called my vet and also emailed her the photo. Her response: "It may detach on its own or may increase in size. Looks like normal / overgrown gum tissue at this point. Ok to monitor.  If we sedate for a dental we can remove it then."

So I'm not too worried, will just keep an eye on it. I just hope it doesn't get infected if it does happen to detach on its own. I might end up taking her to the vet next week just in case. have a good weekend!


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