alright so here we go again, as usual it's the same dog, Torque. she seems to be prone to issues lol but i love her never the less. so starting last night, she was straining to poop when i would take the girls out to potty. nothing was coming out until this morning & it wasn't super watery just gooey....loose. but after her early morning potty time she hasn't pooped again, she has already had 1 of her meals for the day. but she is still trying, every times we go out to potty, she will try to poop & will try for as long as she is outside. she now has a small amount of bloody liquid coming out when she is straining. i have started her on rice today & i just happened to make chicken broth popsicles for them yesterday so they could have something to do & not be bored. so she is getting broth as well. i keep them blocked off in a room that has been doggy proofed & i keep it clean & free of small items. they only roam free around the house when i am stationary in one part of the house (had my 12th spinal surgery about 5 week ago, so i have to have down time during the day, so i just use that opportunity to play/train with them & let them get out of their room), but they r not allow of my sight & they know where they r allowed & not allowed. if she ate something, i don't know what or when, i keep a very close eye on them. she is acting like her happy normal self, she isn't lethargic & is more than happy to eat. we did do some new things in this last week:
last weekend the both got their 1st rabies shots
yesterday, they got their first peanut butter jar to lick & clean out (i cut the jar in half & melted the edges smooth so it wouldn't cut them)
i took them outside yesterday to play soccer as well as catch bubbles (ordinary plain jane bubbles.)
yesterday while playing soccer, torque ran right in front of the ball after i kicked it & it hit her in the face (not sure if that could have caused enough stress to make her poop blood, but just in case)....i felt bad but it wasn't intentional
not that i think this would have an affect on her, but during play they got thirsty & they got a drink out of the duck pool which had some duck poop on the bottom of the pool but the water was clear. they eat duck & chicken poop all the time though (they are not knowingly allowed to eat it) so it's nothing new
any ideas as to what it can be? they are both up to date on all their shot, on flea meds, & take heart worm protection.
Torque with pb on her nose = ]

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thank you very much, my poor hubby is overworked & underpaid. btw ur furry child is adorable!
ok so i went into the pet food store & looked at the options & after talking with the owner, i think i'm going with this
either the chicken or duck & turkey. i got some samples too so i am going to see how the girls like it. it so will last longer & for the amount i get & how long it last i'm only paying like 4 bucks more than i am right now.
Nature's Variety is very good - I give Sophie the frozen raw food diet. They come in 1oz medallions. Over the years she has really suffered with hot spots and it wasn't until I switched her food to the raw food diet and no grains in the dry food that she stopped having hot spots. I can't tell you the THOUSANDS of dollars spent on Vet bills and tests to get the skin allergies figured out. Stick with the high quality foods, Robyn - you'll save money in the long run. Take it from one who knows...good for you for biting the bullet - I know it's hard.
thanks, everyone has been very helpful. well not only is it similar in price for wat i'm getting but i will have to use less gas to go get food cause this last longer than the beneful. i even brought my husband with me to show him it wouldn't b much more than we pay now, he is all on board. he understands though as i myself am gluten & lactose intolerant & as well as his cat has to b on prescription food for stones in his urinary tract


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