Hi everyone, I know there are tons of posts about this topic, believe me I read most of them throughout the night. So Milly is sick again. She had loose stools Sunday to Monday twice. Yesterday she was fine and had a normal poop. Last night about 6 she started with diarrhea and vomiting. She stopped vomiting about 3 this morning but the diarrhea continued every half an hour to hour. About 6:30 this morning, she started to expel bloody water. There is no fecal matter left, just blood and liquid. She is drinking water but looks sick and it's been awhile since she peed. I called the vet this morning and we are going in at 10 but I'm really scared. It seems like the blood is dripping out of her anus and all the white fur around is red. I am using damp cloths to gently clean her. She had gastrentitis (sp?) last year in May but not this much blood. Nothing in life has changed. No added stress, no new food. Milly is 6. The only thing I can think of is that on Sunday she played outside and did some exploring on her own now that the snow is melting. Our yard is fenced and there are no chemicals/ pesticides used. Any advice? I'm really worried!

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Katy, the vet did blood work last year and this year as well and there are no signs of pancreas issue, thank goodness! How did they diagnose Maddie?
I believe it was on her second bought and only a slight variance in levels. So weird. My vets said it was a tough diagnosis because there is no absolute diagnosis, it's all symptomatic. After we ruled out diabetes, parvovirus,parasites... They treated for pancreatitis and it worked. Bland diet, slowly into her normal kibble,
; she gets nothing out of the ordinary any more. I can't recall what kind of pills they prescribed. One was an antibiotic and the other was metronidazol

We've had similar issues with our Emma.  It's way scary when her stool is more blood than poop.  After lots of tests, the vets think she has an extreme food sensitivity.  She is now on a hypoallergenic food, and we will be doing more blood work next week to find out if it is helping.  So that's something to look into.


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