Ace has gotten into a small habit of chewing his bedding when we're away, or going on hunger strikes (no clue why really, just does sometimes). He'll eat one day, then "forget" the next. I have started taking him out running since he's over a year, and he benefits greatly. I was wondering if anyone has any indoor activities that you do with your Corgi to alleviate boredom. I can't take him out all the time because of the high traffic (and he's still very skiddish, though it is getting better). 

We have many treats for Ace and a small apartment. What are some of the things you do to entertain your corgi? 



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tug-a-jug, linkables, omega treat ball, nylabone treat toy, everlasting treat toys (ball, blue toy, hydrant), kong and kong bone. Lots and lots of interactive toys keep Franklin a happy boy. If you just go to amazon and type in interactive toy you get lots and lots of toys to choose from, or on the Petsmart webage too.



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