Ok so this is a new thing for me .  Fergus is just 6 months old and since we got him ( no matter what i try) he runs away when I try and brush him... I Have used multiple types and styles of brush and he runs away.  He is SUPER food driven so I thought that would work like it did for me to get him used to collar on and collar of -- yeah not so much.  He rolled in something smelly the other day so I had to give him a bath and that just reinforced that we need to get into a brushing routine,  Anyone have any tips ideas suggestions , I am open to just about anything.  

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Does Fergus have the command "leave it"? I put a pile of kibble down and tell Nemo to leave it. He stares intently at it. For each successful brush he gets a click (we do clicker training) and a couple pieces of kibble. He is so incredibly focused when he is "leaving it" that I find this works much better than normal rewarding. I think he thinks the kibble will disappear if he looks away for even a second. We have also started to use this technique for clipping his toenails.

The downside is it is easiest with two people. One to click and control the food and one to brush or trim. 


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