Caden hurt his front paw the other day while playing with my uncles golden doodle im hoping it was just a muscle issue since he was limping or a bruised paw an ideas or first aid measures i can do since we cant get to a vet intill monday which is one down fall living in the country

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Hi Mike, I'm sorry to hear that, what you can do for now is ice compression, get a bowl of ice water and a bowl of warm water, dip the paw in ice water for 3 minutes, then 1 minute in the warm water, alternate for a total of 10 minutes. The hot and cold will help expand and contract the blood vessels, encourage blood circulation. Usually a sprain will take care of itself within days. Good luck!
thanks lisa is a volunteer emt and that was what she was doing last night before bed, right now he is passed out on the couch. When he wakes up im going to try it


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