So, we're going camping next weekend. I'm planning on taking Ein with me. I've never gone camping with a pup before. So, I'm looking for tips, what things I should bring, ect. Thank you!

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If you have an xpen, that is wonderful. You can put the dog in the pen and not worry while you putter around camp. A towel to dry off the wet/muddy pup is a must. Collapsable water dish is great if you are planning to hike. If you are sleeping in a tent, do you want the pup in a crate or sleeping on a mat next to you? Oh and high value treats in case the pup escapes or if you want to work on off leash behavior.

Lots of Water!

If you are camping where there are trees, get a tie out cable. The type made out of airline cable and plastic coated is best as they are strong, but will not harm a tree like a chain would. . You can hook one end to loop around the tree and hook the other end on the dog. Make sure you have a collar the dog cannot get out of.  NEVER leave a tied dog unattended.

When Killian was a puppy we brought him camping. We had a tie out cable and it proved to be one of the best investments we've ever made so I second Anna's comment below.

In other news, he ended up having a pretty miserable time. Turns out Killian hates camping - all he wanted to do was sit in a chair and stare at everyone (as evidenced by the picture below):

@ Jessica, too cute! Give him another chance....

Awesome pic


ooo let us know how it goes! We're thinking we want to take our pup camping etc. when he gets older. Hope it's fun!

OUr pups LOVE camping,  We also use the tie out cables.  The first time we took Brody's crate along and he barked all night.  Now we just have them sleep in the back seat of the car and they are nice and quiet all night long. 

We're taking Gwen on vacation with us to Tennessee next month. My brother in law is getting married. And we'd normally stay with the in laws but health reasons prevent us bringing Gwen in the house. Sooo we're renting a cabin on Kentucky Lake. I've bought an X-pen,the tie out cable and we're borrowing a soft sided travel crate from my mom for her to sleep in.

We're using the cabin as a base,but will be spending the majority time with the family.So we have several different ways she can still be with us.

Think of it as spending a long day in the backyard.  Make sure there is plenty of water in their dish; snacks and 'normal' things.  Leash is a must, we found plain hotdogs and buns or plain hamburger and buns are a good treat.  Ein will be fine and enjoy the new interesting surroundings. 

Our cogis have always loved camping and road trips.

Abbey went on a camping trip last week. She loved it. We were at an RV Campground so it was necessary to keep her on a leash, or Tie out cable. The things we found necessary to take along were: crate, leash, tie out cable, water and food bowl, and lots of treats! It is required at all  RV Campgrounds to clean up the area where your pup may "poop", so be sure to have disposable bags. 

I hope your camping experience will be full of memory making moments.  Oh, yeah be sure to take your CAMERA. Good luck and happy camping. Stay safe...

Hi Andrea,

1. store food in pre-measured zip lock bags / meal

2. collapsible food bowl

3. separate water bottle for dogs / stop for drinks every 15-20 min during walks

4. keep them in shaded area, allow them to dig (dirt is cooler)

5. let them cool down in safe water

6. tick key

7. vet wrap

8. learn k9 cpr

9. life jacket

10. poop bags, always pick up, regardless of location. bring it in, bring it out.

11. flashing led to clip on collar

12. you can attach bear bell on their collar, so that you can hear them when you can't see them

13. do not use flexi leash, rope burn is not fun

14. benedryl

15. paper towel in car

16. baby wipes

17. always leash before open any car doors

18. walk a ways from the gas station to poop / pee, avoid toxic grease / coolant / trash

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