I only use the furminator on Ein when she's blowing coat. Otherwise it just seems to get caught on her fur and I can tell she doesn't like it. Besides that I just have a little cat brush that barely gets through her thick coat. (Although she loves getting brushed with it haha). I bought one of those brushes called a slicker, that's just a bunch of stiff wires, and she hates it. Didn't work well either. 

I really don't need to brush her much when she's not blowing coat, as she doesn't shed at all otherwise and doesn't get any tangles, but I still feel like she should be brushed every now and then. 

Also...a question about coat blowing. I've had Ein since June, and I went through she spring/summer blow. But I've also read that they blow coat in the winter. It's November, and she's still hardly shedding at all (although we've had a very warm Fall this year which may have something to do with it). Should I be expecting it any day now, or do some corgis only blow coat once a year?

I've also always heard that corgis shed like crazy all year round. But after her spring blow was done, she hasn't shed at all! Has anyone else experienced this, or did I hit the corgi fur gene jackpot?

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Do you guys use any combination of spray when brushing your fur babies?  Trying to see which spray is best for dogs  that itch often.

I would think spraying anything on them might give dirt something to stick to. Most responses to itchy questions is to give them fish oil or olive oil and turn on a humidifier in your home. I started giving my dogs 1 teaspoon of olive oil a day. I couldn't tell if it made a difference in my soft coated dogs, but my corgi is much softer after about a month. If humidifying the air and increasing the oil in their diet does not help the itchies it may be an allergy; you can use the search box at the top right of the page to search for ways to find allergens. You might also look for the specific spot that itches in case it is an infected spot that needs treatment.

Just discovered the Zoom groom.  It's great!


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