Can corgis go into heat immediately after the previous one?

My little Zoey(9 months old) completely finished her first heat 2 weeks ago (that includes the week after bleeding stops). That is also the time that our male lost interest in her. She was NOT bred.  I was concerned afterwards because her nipples went down but underneath them was purple and lumped. I thought that maybe her glands underneath were infected but they didnt seem to hurt her. I noticed a couple days ago that the purple lumps under her nipples started getting larger and she started to swell again but not as big as when she was in heat. My aunt who used to be a vet tech thought she was going into heat when she looked at her until i told her she just went through it. She just assured me it would take a while to go back down. I have been keeping an eye on her and she keeps swelling but it doesn't seem to bother her. Yesterday I took her to a puppy party and there was a neutered dog showing interest in her and would not leave her alone. They other dogs were too busy playing to notice. Could she be coming into heat again so quickly? I've heard of animals that will go right back into heat if they dont get bred. Our male is not showing interest though. I'm really concerned. I haven't had to deal with heats before and I would appreciate any advice. Should I take her to the vet? should I not worry about it so much and see if she cycles through it? Ive been researching all night and cant find anything that will help. Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks!

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Hi Kasey, Max and Zoey, depending on the dog, heat cycle can last up to 4 weeks. The nipples will take about 1 month to go back to normal, nothing to worry about.

Dogs only go into heat twice a year, once they cycle out of heat they will be in a dormant period for up to 5 months or more. It is possible for her to be experiencing a false pregnancy, if you continue to notice her nipples swelling or if you see discharge she needs to go to the vet. Unspayed females can also suffer from pyometra after a heat cycle (an infection in their uterus). Keep a close eye on her for discharge, swelling, or signs of her not eating. If any of these occur she should go to the vet immediately. Is there a reason that she isn't spayed? If you aren't planning on breeding her you should plan to spay her before her next heat cycle. The next month or two would be best. Every heat cycle they have increases their chances of mammary cancer and pyometra.


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