Anyone familar with this? Kai has a few more issues so I'm looking into putting in a therapy pool for him here at the house, but want to first find out more about it.  His liver is involved now, so we're trying to get him off the pain meds without having to put him on a liver's always something. Some research I've done shows taking him to a canine water therapist, but can I do it for him here at the house?  thanks.

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Yes! What would you like to know? It's good to learn from a therapist, how to properly introduce your dog to the pool, correct lifting techniques and support while in the water, how not to get yourself scratched up, basic rescue and CPR procedure...etc.
Thanks Sam. Spoke with the local Horse people, and I'm on my way to p/u a horse watering trough that will fit Kai and float him a bit. I've already had to purchase a ramp for him. Horse dude helped me figure out how to warm the water (spigot on the bottom of the water tank!!!!!!!) So in a few hours I'll have the water bit good to go - then I need to know the rest - especially how not to injure him and rehab him on a proper schedule. He's not getting any better fast, and we've got to get him off most of these meds. Thanks so much. He did start laser treatment, so we've got 6 weeks to go for that. Thanks again Sam.


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