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My puppy Laverne is almost 12 weeks old and she gets car sick. Is this common and will she grow out of it? Any advice would be appreciated. I want her to be my full time companion and that would include plenty of car rides.

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Yes it is common and she will grow out of it.
Try ginger treats...
Great advice. I will try that!
I love this site! I dont know what Id do w/o people like you all to walk me thru this. Im a first time Corgi owner and its been YEARS since Ive had a dog at all!. So much to learn but seems I can always find answers here!
I posted a discussion on this in the forum about traveling w/your pet by road, by air or by boat w/tips and suggestions that might be of use to you. Its common but you can make it easier on her til she gets use to it.
Max loves the car rides. My only problem is he wants to look out and would rather look out the drivers window than any other. I tried a booster seat and he REALLY hated that. Have to figure out something
Try short rides until he gets his "car feet". I get car sick too. It's not fun. If I recall correctly, our Australian Sheperd got sick for the first couple of times too. Now you can't keep her out of the car. Thank goodness our little Corgi never got sick!
Have any of you tried the car booster seats they sell at Petco? I was tempted to try one out but Id like to know if anyone has had success with one. Then Laverne could see out the window. I bet that would help.
chloe got car sick as a puppy. i just made sure i didnt feed her right before going anywhere and eventually she did grow out of it.
Mine didn't ever get carsick. I think it has something to do with being anxious and stressed in the car. She was, I suspect, sedated the first time she was in a car, which was the 9 hour drive from the Breeder's to here, so she never had a chance to be traumatized. When she was a wee thing I took her on lots of short drives to starbucks or with me to walk or to petsmart.
Ginger treats would work I bet, but also spending a lot of time near the car and in the car without going anywhere, feeding treats and getting the car to be a positive thing.


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