Our corgi is about 8 mo old. He has just recently began to chew up carpet!! HELP!! We are not sure what or why he is doing this. It started with a rug that he had a chewy on....

then the other day ( and he worked hard for this) but while in the laundry room where he is during the day while we are at work. he got under the door and got a thread and kept pulling til carpt began to unravl, he got it so far that the tack strips are showing and well not sure how we are to cover this?!?

Well tonight he lifted up a corner in the basement near some tile and decided to chew all the padding up from under the rug.
The people who owed our house before us had some cats do you think they have anything to do with that??

We just moved and were wanting to replace carpet soon ( obviously Yoshi wants new carpet NOW!!! But I cant imagine getting new carpet for him to eat?!)

Please help!!!

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It just a chewing stage Sarah, don't worry about it. The only thing you can really do is just watch watch and watch him! Leave him on tile or in a playpen when you cant watch him. Chloe has a playpen which is very spacious and she chews her bone in it. Very convenient! You cant use bitter apple spray on the carpet. Too big of an area. Chloe chewed a big chunk out of our carpet when she was 11 month old. I think she did it because she was home alone a lot. Good luck!
So crazy! Toki is almost 6 months and she just started chewing up our carpet and tears out all the floor insulation underneath it. Then she starts tearing the carpet string out. We now have exposed nails sticking out of our floor. Where she chewed was right by the door and she would do it when she was alone. How we stopped it was keeping her in her pen when we were gone.
Monitor him and offer plenty of other things he can chew on. I don't like offering toys that resemble stuffed animals or clothing..they don't know the difference between that and a real pair of socks or shirts. Keep him busy and wear him out alittle. A bored Corgi is a troubled Corgi. Go for walks...play ball outside...a Corgi full of energy is one to be mischevious and will find his own amusement which usually is one you won't agree with. You could steam clean your carpets but this normally fixes spotting or marking issues not chewing.
Oh lord, mind did this too. My cat got in on it and long story short, we got hardwood floors in the front room. She chews rugs too tho.
I would pen him up until he's well out of the chewwing stage and then make sure he has chewies to eat in the mean time. Didi find bully sticks much more delicious than rugs and carpets.
i have floorboards right through but had carpet in the office. only when i would work and ignore george he would chew the carpet.. so i ripped it up and put down more boards. problem solved for me. george has never chewed anything else that he isnt supposed to.. so sorry i dont have an direct answer for you except make sure he has plenty to amuse him while alone and maybe crating or putting ina playpen till he grows beyond this stage all the best x
Though I do suggest crating him during working hours I don't feel this is the avenue to take during your home hours. This will only deprive him more and in my eyes cruel. He can't be kenneled for that many hours and be expected to learn. You are just going to have to treat him as you did when he was a 12 week old pup and work w/him...exercise him..and monitor him so you may correct the problem. Just like parents who place their children in play pens...they have limited learning and need to explore to learn the boundaries and motor skills. Its not much different w/a young dog.
I don't have carpet at home, but Nutmeg loves to destroy the bathroom rug. She also licks and tries to eat the carpet at work. She is just fascinated with the loose threads that she finds. She's almost 6 months. The bitter apple never worked for her. I just have to keep both eyes on her when she's around carpet. Good Luck!
Yoshi only did this for a week or so and then has NEVER touched carpet again! I think he was trying to say hey spend more time with me. and once we wore him out a lil he was great :) Thanks for all the comments!


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