My 1.5 yrs old Corgi has Arthritis but she couldn't take Rymadyl (she started severe bloody diarrhea within a day). So the doctor suggests to inject Cartrophen instead.

This is not FDA approved but it's been widely used in Canada, England and Australia.
Is it okay for them to try on my dog this Friday?
Any risk or concern I should be aware of on Cartrophen?


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Hi Ingrid,

To answer your question: Pentosan Polysulfate in human version is call Elmiron,  the vet version is call Cartrophen. 

Elmiron is not new and its been approved by the FDA since the late 90s, it had been used to treat human patients with Interstitial cystitis / bladder pain syndrome. Here's a list of rx that will crash with Pentosan Polysulfate, it is a weak blood thinner, so do monitor your dog to see if she pee or poop blood after 2 hrs.

The Ozs were the first to manufacture and treat osteoarthritis with Pentosan Polysulfate - back in the late 90s. Double check the drug list in the link above for possible drug interaction.

Ask your vet when will the Carprofen wear off so that her previous bleeding sites will be healed up before taking the Pentosan Polysulfate. 

Never mix Pentosan Polusulfate with NSAIDs.

On a side note, FDA have not approved Cartrophen because it is manufactured by Biopharm Australia Pty Ltd. The human version of the same drug - Elmiron is manufactured by Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical (Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc) aka - Johnson & Johnson. In another words, Ortho-McNeil may or may not manufacture a vet version in the future, so in the mean time, US Vets must go through FDA to get a special permit to import Cartrophen via Canada. Nothing health related, just money & politics.

Thanks a bunch, Sam! This is indeed informational.

Do you think there's any risk for the injection to the joint?

The doctor put the plan as weekly for the first 4 weeks, and then monthly.

Does it mean she needs to get the injection for an entire lifetime?


Thanks again



Hi Ingrid, 

You're welcome. Unfortunately I've only dealt with human patients with IC/BPS, so I don't have any experience in treating canine with OA. From what I've read, 1 course of injection takes 4 weeks, then it'll need to be reassess by the vet, depending on the progress, she may require another course once a year (mild) / half a year or quaterly (chronic).

Hope that helps! Good luck!


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