Do corgis get along with other pets such as cats? And also is the hair that big of a deal if you get them groomed every 4 months or so and brushing them once or twice a week? I am getting negative opinions on the breed from others because of both topics. But I was really wanting to get a corgi when I graduate college.

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Since corgis are herding dogs, you can expect them to playfully run behind your cat and herd them places. Some cats get a kick out of this and some don't. :-) I've found that if you bring the right puppy (temperament) home, they can create a really neat relationship if the cat is a calm natured one!

As for fur, you gotta get a FURMINATOR! Love that thing! You'll be dealing with a good bit of fur, even if it's not a fluffy. They blow coat a couple of times a year. If you are diligent in keeping your corgi brushed and deshedded (is there such a word?), it won't be overwhelming at all.
I just got Tucker 3 weeks ago and I was really worried about how he would get along with my 2 cats. They had never been around a dog before. Tucker is 10 months old and so far things are going really well for us. He loves the cats - his little nub wiggles whenever they are close. My one cat is really curious about Tucker and has gotten close enough for nose kisses but then will get a bit intimidated and bop him on the head gently. My other cat is curious as well but keeps her distance and will hiss a bit if he comes too close. They both have their claws and neither have shown or used them around the dog. They are content to all be in the same room and sleep or play - everyone is adjusting quite well. Luckily my cats don't seem to run from him that much so there hasn't been much chasing- they more watch from someplace high up.

I took Tucker to my brothers house last weekend - he has a cat and 3 dogs so obviously his cat is more used to dogs than mine are. I got to find out what Tucker would do when given the opportunity to get close enough - he licked that cat from head to toe (well really head to butt - eww).

As for the grooming - I already have had corgi hair tumbleweeds on my wood floors. He loves to be brushed and even likes the furminator so we have been doing that regularly - and keeping up with the sweeping. I also have a lint roller at home, in the car and at work now. I was already used to shedding from the cats so what is a little (ok a lot) more hair!
My corgi gets along WONDERFULLY with the cats. Very friendly, they're like her kids. They're the ones who don't like her, so she clears out.
They do shed a lot, but brushing them out will help. Mine's a year and some old and still has never blown her coat, but it's hot all year round here. You'll need to invest in a vaccuum cleaner and those roller fuzz-catchers anyway, they're a dog and dogs shed.
Thank you guys all for the great advice... : ) It has really helped


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