changes in behavior after neutering your male corgi?

Hello! Our male 8month old corgi began to spray inside! His daddy has finally parted with the boys and is ready to neuter, or at least consider it. We are worried that his personality and energy will be affected. I'd love to hear some experience! Thanks

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I am a vet tech at a spay neuter clinic where we do anywhere from 10-25 surgeries a day.  Neutering won't change the essence and personality of your pup.  What it will do is eliminate any risk of testicular cancer, reduce the risk of prostate cancer or problems, eliminate the testosterone that can cause the 'king of the hill' mentality that leads to aggresion, fighting, marking ect. Younger pups will recover faster and catches them before marking becomes a behavior.  There is no down side to neutering a healthy pup.  I just neutered my 12 week old corgi 4 days ago and he is doing fantastic!!!!!

as long as i dont have to worry about him spraying in public away from home his boys are gone!

I had to deal w/ my un-fixed wiener dog marking everything that was new too him. Never again.

It was also hard to take him out when i moved to an apartment from a home. He wouldnt just pee it all out, instead do it little by little. Bah

I would always recommend discussing this with a licensed veterinarian rather than relying on Google searches.  Anyone can find either side, pro or con, to an issue on the internet.  Just because the world wide web says its so does not make it true.  Ask a professional with schooling and a license.

Thanks everyone!

I neutered my Kowboy. It was the best thing I did.. He started marking EVERYWHERE and even ME!!!  Once he marked me I was DONE.. lol I got him in the next day.. Kowboy was 7 months old...  Now at 9 months he has STOPPED marking everything even me!  lol  He has not changed still the same pup.. He dont lift his leg on anything he stands now to pee..Like when he was a puppy..  When he was not neutered the smell was so bad.. And his poor sister Kali that is fixed to.. He stopped riding her.. So she thanked me.. :)   Even more I did it cause his right testicle never dropped..It can cause bad problems down the road..


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