Hi, everyone! So, Moses and I are on the lookout for an addition to our little corgi family. He was on the phone with a representative from our local corgi rescue and she told him that chasing after your corgi (which Camber LOVES) is a normal corgi-type behavior. She may chase after you, but it's only to herd you to where she wants you to be and then she expects you to run after her.

Anyone else out there that has a fur baby who enjoys being chased?

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Brody loves to be chased, Lilly HATES it. She'll hide behind my legs when hubby tries it with her. But she love chasing and being chased by Brody!
Well, I will tell you that I'm glad that her bahavior is normal. Whew. Thanks to everyone for sharing their stories.
LO drops whatever he is mouthing and runs away like a girly man. What a scaredy cat. But actually the last week or so we have had some chasing but I will no longer tolerate it.


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