I have mentioned before a clicking/popping noise my lil corgi, Mousse, makes while walking. I thought it was her nails, but they were just clipped. Now however, she has started to limp. Also noticed a change in behavior, almost like she is depressed. (she goes to bed early, lies around more, etc.) I'm concerned it might be a combo of issues including joint issues, but not sure. I am thinking she is probably going to have x-rays done if I take her to the vet, and was wondering if any of yall have heard of anything similar, how much x-rays/bloodwork usually run, if it would be more cost effective if I started pet insurance, and which pet insurance would be the best if I did. Thanks again!

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Lisa, the best thing to do is go see a vet and get a proper diagnose, x-rays and blood work can vary, depending on how many and what type of tests. Pet insurance is also complicated, like how old is your dog, are there any pre-exsisting condition, your level of deductible...etc.
I would go ahead and get her in to the vet. If you sign her up for pet insurance, it will be at least 30-60 days before they will cover anything, maybe more depending on the company and the coverage. What you can do is get a Care Credit account, which will allow you 3 months to pay off the vet bill interest free. After that it just attaches interest to the balance. It's like a credit card, and you can look up which vets accept it. If you go to their site and are approved, you will get an account number immediately and can take her right in.

When my kitty needed bloodwork and x-rays done it ran somewhere between $200-300, but like Sam said, it varies depending on where you live and who your vet is.
Ok, so xrays all showed nada. Nothings ia broken, deformed, fractured, nothing. Bloodtests showed no valley fever, nothing except a liver level of 108, high per the vet. Any other ideas? She's still making the popping noise, and only limping occasionally now, that's to doggie aspirin, and seems more active, less depressed. Now I'm just concerned about the popping...


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