We are getting a puppy from a breeder and she recommends allowing the dog to have constant access to dry food rather than meals. Her reasoning is that the dog will naturally regulate food intake and getting fat won't be a problem. I am new to dogs and have never heard of this method. What do you more experienced owners think of it?

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I don't free feed, but growing up my parents did free-feeding with our dogs. One was really overweight and he still is (at 14 years old, he's a Terrier/Beagle mix). Now, who knows how it would be if they only had one dog, cause I'm sure the fatty one is eating the food of the others.
With Grover, especially as a puppy, I think he would have eaten himself to death...literally. He just didn't know when to stop and he ate WAY too fast. We had to split his food up into two portions each meal so he wouldn't eat too fast and get sick. So I'm not sure about this. I think the reasons other's have listed are really valid: weight control, peeing pooing schedule and asserting leadership of the pack.
One thing two, at my house anyway, my cats will steal my dogs food if I leave it out and he doesn't eat it right away! :)
Wow, someone who raises Corgis actually recommended this? I agree that this doesn't sound like a good idea. Did she recommend when to go from free feeding to scheduled meals? Or did she think you should free feed all the time? With Corgis and food, getting fat is always a problem. Though it's true there are some who can control themselves, but from what I've seen, that's the exception, not the rule. Does you puppy eat all the food in the bowl until it's gone, or does s/he pick at it throughout the day? That might be your answer right there. Did you see her dogs? Were they overweight?
Yes, I have a reputable breeder who has raised Corgis for 20 years. Her dogs all appear to be healthy and of normal weight. I was quite surprised by her recommendation and practice and that is why I am seeking feedback. I don't have the puppy yet so I have no first hand experience.


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