I'm an admitted Corgiholic and sent away for this, but thought everyone might like to see the cool corgi in the ad.


Click under propaganda in the left column, I can't get the link to work

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here you go :)

Thanks Sam
That is the MEANEST-lookin' corgi I've ever seen...
That's freaking AWESOME... I want one!
Tauna and Kota,
You can order one of the posters like I did. Absolutely awesome. Will have to figure out what to mount it on, though. They shipped here within 3 days!
HAHAHA. There is a clip holder on corgi's vest! I just can imagine that a corgi running around in a gun fight to supply clips to everyone! Michael Bay needs to look into this!
I guess that's where the "short meets function" comes into play! LOL While everyone is pinned down, Super corgi can resupply ammo to the "good guys". I'm going to contact the company and see who owns or knows the "Model".
Just 'cause they're corgis doesn't mean they have to be with the good guys. The perfect smugglers' dog, slinking under the razor wire with a doggie backpack full of coke, or maybe gold looted from the national treasury. With those winsome smiles to hide behind, the perfect double agents...
I hadn't thought of that John. As long as there weren't any long water crossings!, I think they would do fine.
Hey, why do you think we spend so much time lurking and slinking around the mountains south of the Canadian border? Oops, perhaps I reveal too much.....
Aha!!! I knew there was an underlying reason you spent so much time hiking in the wilds of that beautiful corner of the world, not just for the thrill, but the mystery and intrigue of the.......................

snow tunnels, that's how they do it!


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