Do Corgis enter adolescence at the same time as a small breed pup (4-10 mos) or a large breed pup (6-12 mos.) ???

Lulu is 4 months and beginning to show signs of Teenager behavior (oh no, already?)

What have others experienced?


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Leslie, I would say the large breed age for a typical adolescence. However, these pups can mentally be at adolescent behavior earlier because they are so smart and stubborn. Example Maddie (younger corgi and my mother's) and Buddha (my dog, older by 2 yrs) were completely different. I don't seem to recall any teenage behavior with Buddha, who is more laid back and willing, snuggly and obeys. But with Maddie, I noticed it right away. She is bossy, vocal, aloof, and does the total opposite of what you want. She was still pretty easy to train but it was different with her because you had to figure out what mood she was is and how to get her to work with you (toys or treats usually).
Hope that helps.

my kirby started his teenager phase right when he turned two. it was like he forgot everything i had trained hi to do. my breeder told me his parents were the same way around that age, and he would grow out of it once he turned three. and, he did :)


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