Hey all, my 8 1/2 month old Corgi named Courtney has recently developed an aggression towards dogs, particularly at the dog park. I got Courtney when she was 8 weeks old and brought her into a house with sometimes 3 dogs of different sizes and she does great with them. I would also bring her out places (not the dog park when she was little) and see other dogs and do fine. Now recently, I have started taking her to the dog park and when she gets around the other dogs she almost turns rabid! Teeth bared, growling (even foamed at the mouth a couple times), and snapping at the other dogs so I have to hold her back. I know she's incredibly protective of me and not spayed, but I'm just honestly not sure what has caused this sudden change in behavior from her. I have tried taking her there more often to kinda get her used to the other dogs but she does it every time and when I took her out yesterday almost mauled a 5 month old retriever puppy. She is the sweetest dog you will ever meet around people and is generally so happy go lucky at home (despite her nipping problem). Any suggestions or ideas? Thanks so much!

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I don't have any suggestions, but Corie has become very aggressive towards our cat, that she was raised with!
If I'm sitting on the bench at the dog park and another dog comes over.. she is very protective (or is it jealousy), she will growl and yeah... turns into 'dogzilla' ... that's usually when we do time out or have to leave...
Exactly! I don't know what it is because at home you will NEVER see the 'dogzilla' but around other dogs these days thats what she turns into and it's almost embarrassing.. not only that I can't really control my dog but if she ever got into a fight with another dog and hurt them I would feel terrible :(
What has happened is her transition to adulthood. I would highly suggest you get her spayed asap. You also need to socialize her on a regular basis. When dogs are not frequently around other dogs they can become most intimidated by suddenly being in a group of them. She is being overwhelmed and trying to protect herself. She may also be coming into season which make most girls very defensive.
Mine is doing the same type of thing but at home. She has always gotten along with our Cocker but all of the sudden she is growling and starting some nasty fights.I'm not sure whats going on. She just turned 3 and hasn't been spayed as well.I have no idea whats going on but it's happening more frequently. She knows it's wrong because afterword she goes into her cage and lies down even if it's just a growl. It's almost like she's giving herself a "time out". Like I say this just started and I don't know where it came from but nothing we do is stopping it and she seems nervous about it too. Any ideas as to what we should do???


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