I'm a dog trainer at petsmart. My 6 month old cardigan corgi has been coming to work with me every day for the last three months. 5 days a week 7 hours a day. He loves it. He gets very excited when we go to work because he knows how much attention he will get. If you've been to petsmart you know how many different types of dogs come into that store, especially on the weekends. When i first started bringing him he would meet and greet every dog that was there and they would always play wonderfully. I got him neutered at 4 months of age. At 5 months of age i started noticing a difference in his attitude towards other dogs. He has become more than slightly aggressive with other dogs and is rapidly getting worse. He has bitten two dogs, tried to bite many others, and shown his front and side teeth numerous times. I don't mind if he warns another dog to back off, but he always eventually tries to snap at them.

Why i'm posting this...
A member of an adoption agency there said to me 'it's the breed.. that's why he's like that'. I don't want to believe that. I know all of you guys have wonderful happy playful well socialized corgis that do fine with other dogs. But is there anyone out there that has had any kind of problems like this with their corgi pup? I think my corgi was beyond well socialized considering he is around numerous dogs on a daily basis. Why is he acting like this? Is it a breed thing? What can i do?

i know what your probably thinking... "your a dog trainer and you are asking about this?" Petsmart has a no aggression policy when it comes to training classes. We teach obedience. I know a thing or two about aggressive behaviors (apparently not enough!), but it was just from what i've learned by being a trainer. Petsmart did not train me about that subject at all.

Thanks in advance!!

-Tiffany and Warhol

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He does not discriminate at all. Males, females, neutered, spayed, big, small, wrinkled faces, long hair. doesn't matter. he has even been ugly to dogs he has met before, and played with before.

Some dogs he does wonderfully with. especially at the dog park. I guess that has a lot to do with being off leash. Thank you for your in put. I will look into a behaviorist for sure. Thank you so much. :)
Diet..environmental stimuli..genetics can all play a role in this. I had a male that was fine but when I had gotten a puppy my male would get to my pups puppy food and all of a sudden he got aggressive. I finally picked up on it one day and started putting them in their kennels to eat their own food and the aggression stopped but because I didn't have him that long and wasn't sure that was the only reason my girlfriend took him since I didn't want to take a chance on breeding him in fear of genetics.

Could this dog have gotten to an age that he is claiming you as his and hence the reason for him biting others. Like he's claiming his bone. What do you do when he does this. You are the leader. I don't allow this and if you not repremanding him for it then he'll only get worse.
Corgis being aggressive? Yes, it can happen, like Debbie said, it's genetic. You don't know what the temperment of the dam and sire were/are? In fact, there is a lady on Dogster.com, that just put down her corgi of 3-4 years of age because of his aggression. It slowly started I guess, and she has had him through obedience, agility and everything she could think of. And yet, he attacked her severely on Thanksgiving day. It was enough that she decided that for her safety, and the safety of her other dog and people, her corgi had to be put down.

I wish you luck on the cardigan, I hate to hear of another corgi being put down due to their behavior. Take Debbie's suggest very seriously.
It could also mean the little guy's in pain and feeling vulnerable. Have you checked with your vet?
What everyone said on here is spot on. Also keep in mind that no matter what you try there is still a small possibility that your dog may not get along with other dogs. On a more positive note dog-dog aggression and dog-human aggression are two unrelated tendencies.
How old is your dog now?Most of dogs don't show their true personality until 2 or 3 years of age, and in addition to working with him, there is a possibility that this behavior is just a phase.
Good luck!
He is 6 months old now.

He is on Blue Buffalo Lamb and rice meal. I chose Lamb because lamb is the only meat blue buffalo offers that is free range. no anti-biotics, and hormones pumped into it.

I have asked the vet about it, but vets are not behaviorists. They just tell me to talk to a trainer about it. well, i am a trainer and i still need help!

He has never had a fight with a dog that could have triggered his attitude.

And no, he will never be put down. So none of that sad talk please. heh.

I do not know much about his mom and dad besides they were both champion show dogs that lived with many other corgis.

Maybe this is just a phase, or maybe i'm doing something wrong.

Thank you all so much for your input.
I commend you for admitting to say "yeah, I'm a trainer but I still need help" The fools are the ones that can't admit when they need help and play it off as knowing it all. We are all humans and can't be able to work w/them all. Maybe this is differant for you in the way you work w/him because he is yours and you love him so you tend to 2nd guess yourself more. Just a thought. It could be a stage thing but still not one as you know to be excepted. I know if one of mine gets pissy w/another one my oldest female will jump in and break it off and kinda like scold them for it. This isn't fighting...just alot of growling and lip curling. Maybe try being more the alpha to show this is wrong. But then again I'm not a behavioralist and won't pretend to be. I just know what works w/my dogs. Good luck and take a deep breath.
Well that is good news!! =)


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