i dunno if you do this here so i am asking. I watch marestare.com and every year they host a secret santa! We spend $20 or more on a gift for the person/animal and send it out before the 2nd week in december.

Do you do this here? If you dont would anyone be interested? Id LOVE to have a corgi christmas! I could set it up too!

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Operation Secret Corgi Santa 2012

Here is the forum I would like all “Elves” (YOU!) to fill out. This will be emailed to your Santa when I draw names from –drumroll- A HAT! Haha! Yes! No fancy- smancy computer gig here. All entries MUST be in BY October 17th. Names will be drawn October 20th (or sooner) and sent out to the Santas. I mill make a Forum on the discussion boards just for Operation Secret Corgi Santa. I will put everyone’s names down and to the side of that: Received and Sent. This will help everyone out to know who sent theirs and who got theirs already so then the Santa knows that their gift arrived safely!

A reminder that if you sign up for this, I cannot garauntee that your elf will be in the USA! Some people out of the USA would LOVE to participate! Since this is the first year, you will be obligated to send out whomever you get. As it gets bigger, I will separate this out so people with smaller budgets can get in on the fun.

BUDGET: Every Santa must spend $20 (or more if you wish) on your Elf. Making a craft does count towards the money so add up the supplies and time and add that to the total.

Please fill out below this and send to hmr_paints@yahoo.com to get your name in for Secret Santa…Corgi Style!!! Thank you for having FUN!!!


Laina & Klaus


Real Name (first and last):

MyCorgi.com Name:

Address: ( Laina and Your Santa will be the ONLY ones getting this!)

Corgis Names and ages:

Other Pets: (If you want to include them)

What you would like:

What you dislike:


What your Corgi likes:

What your Corgi dislikes:


Other pet likes:

Other pet dislikes:

Any note to your santa (info on shipping, wishes,etc):




I, (put name here in CAPS), agree that this is filled out to the best of my ability for Operation Secret Corgi Santa 2012. I agree that I will ship to my elf that Laina draws for me and send out his/her gift by Dec 12th or sooner, if going out of country. I also agree not to give out names of others Santa’s and put a picture of my corgi(s) and my gift up once I receive it onto the Christmas Forum. (DATE HERE)


dum-dum me... Add your email to the list as well!
How will we know you got our email okay?
got yours. I will post a list of names each week of who is particapating and update it once a week til deadline
Thank you :)

Hey Laina! Did you get my email the other week? Thanks!

I got it- just need your email :)

I am extremely excited to get my partner so I can start shopping for there pups!!!!! Can't wait!

I am adding a new Disscussion about this and adding the lists of whom i have and the elf list to it so then I'm not confused with all the "I'm in!" posts that are on this one :)


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