I saw this on craigslist and I just thought how wonderful it is that corgi lovers everywhere look out for each other... 

Corgi Sugar update 

Date: 2012-09-22, 10:25AM PDT

I have an update for everyone who came to our yardsales for our Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Sugar. I had been unemployed for two years and struggling to make ends meet for our family when a few months ago we noticed a growth on our Sugar's shoulder. It was nasty looking and getting bigger and bigger. I didnt have the money, and didnt want handouts so I decided to sell lots of things that were just hanging around. I posted here on the Craig's List about our yardsale for Sugar's vet expesnses. Some wonderful people who couldnt make it all the way up to where we lived sent us a card with money. We so do appreciate that gesture. We also appreciate all of you who came and maybe bout a little something or just gave us words of encouragement. The wonderful people who brought their own corgi's for us to meet, we thank you for your support. We finally gathered enough to have surgery done and pay for her anti inflamitory and pain meds after surgery and Sugar had surgery two weeks ago. We didnt gather enough to do a pathology but hopefully it was nothing that will come back. We made the choice to go forward and have it removed without having the extra for the pathology because it was growing so very fast and really starting to trouble how she walked. Today, Sugar is doing great. She is healing nicely although she didnt like the cone we put on her. She did enjoy being dressed up in the Onesies and toddler tshirts though. She has even lost a few pounds because she cant eat from everyone else's food dish with the cone on and gets hand fed. LOL I want to express my gratitude to everyone who supported Sugar either with cards, coming to the yard sale, or those who sent emails with words of encouragement. Thank you so very very much!!! 


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