Hey all!

I got to lookin' at Tuck and Zoey in their crates the other day and decided it was time to shop for some new real estate. The dogs crate at night and while I'm at work, so unfortunately during the week they spend a lot of time crated. My fiancé and I were working opposite hours (so the dogs could be out more), but he was recently promoted and his schedule changed. Tucker tears up stuff and Zoey climbs like a goat when left out, so crating is safer for everyone. They crate well and have never complained, but I'd like for them to be able to stretch out a little more.

I started out with a 28" plastic crate when Tucker was a pup and stuck with it. When I moved, I left one at my parents and bought another one for the house. When we adopted Zoey, I just went and picked up Tucker's old one. Long story short, I have two matching 28" plastic crates. Tucker just jams himself up in the back, but Zoey likes to stretch out.

I just ordered one 36" wire crate to try out. I went with wire, because I'd like to turn it sideways and use the side door. That way, it doesn't stick way out so far into the room. I'm worried about it not being "cavey" like they're used to. Does anyone use covers on theirs?

Can I get some pictures of your Corgis in their crates and what size your crate and Corgi are? Thanks!

^ Tucker and Zoey loaded up in the car for a road trip to Galveston. 

^ Tucker hanging out.. he doesn't usually sleep like this, but I thought it was cute. Zoey likes to sleep like this, but I can't find a picture.

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Ok! An impromptu change in plans. I was at Ross today killing some time and decided to check out their dog stuff. Voila! They had a 36" 2-door dog crate for $45! They also had come really cute crate pads. I got Zoey a gray leopard one and Tucker a royal blue one with gray trim. Unfortunately they were only 30", so they don't fit perfectly, but they're a good size for the dogs to chill out on. I had a great time trying to get the crate's box in my Miata for the drive home... not. 

Anyway, threw it together (super easy), put Zoey's new pad in there, and made her model. When it's sideways, it sticks out exactly as much as their plastic 28" kennels, so that's good too. 

When the one I ordered online come in next week, I'll just make that one Tucker's. No biggie. :)

Sweet deal and looks very nice. Beautiful Corgi too.


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