This television blog has started a Corgi Friday!

Heads up: some of the content or language may be a bit racy. I haven't really read it before, but other blogs in its network are.

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This is hilarious! I just forwarded it to my husband at work, lol.

This line is probably the best ever:

"Approximately 75% of all emails the Warming Glow tips line received this week were Corgi-related, so I’m going to assume that everyone else is on board with this idea, as well. And for the people who aren’t: what the $*&^ is wrong with you? These dogs are adorable."
More Corgi Firday!!!

"If You're Not A Corgi Fan You're Un-American"

WARNING: Salty language!
YAY! Featuring Bryson and Eva!
Too cute! There's no such thing as corgi overload, as you can never see enough of these guys!

This site sometimes has a Funny Friday which features corgis, like today's post:


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