Hi guys, surfing around the site i see alot of herding posts. Do all corgi's herd? Mine is 4.5 months and doesnt nip at all yet. once in a while he sprints after my roommate when hes walking down the hallway but once my roommate turns around he stops and gets un-sure of himself. should i expect him to develop this instinct at some point, and if so when did everyones little furballs start trying to herd? we live in nyc so im sure there will be no shortage of things that he will try to herd walking the streets.

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Y E S   It is in the DNA. They will at some time if there are small kids around or ducks or even other dogs until the other tells them not to

Franklin never showed a real strong herding instinct around people (i.e. was never an ankle biter or chaser) but I definitely saw him herding at the dog park (he would run around other dogs that were playing barking and sometimes trying to nip them). Every once in  a while he will try to herd a basket ball or soccer ball but not regularly and kind of only because I am asking him to and not because he wants to. Put him with a few sheep though, and WOWEE! Its amazing to see his natural instinct kick in, especially for a dog that doesn't show much drive in day to day life.


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